Real Solid 14k Yellow Gold Figaro Link Chain 16-24" 2mm-7mm Necklace ITALY

$180.95 - $2,233.95

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Gorgeous mens or ladies figaro link chains. Handmade in Italy.

Diamond cut 6 sided for a shiny polished look!


Available in 2mm - 7mm!!! All sizes and lengths

Nice secure lobster lock. Soldered links and O ring so very sturdy chain impossible to rip

Solid 14k yellow gold.
Not plated or filled or hollow...this is a solid gold chain
Great for pendants or charms!
Here are weights for 20" chains as well as "weight per inch" To calculate your chain weight multiple "weight per inch" by length of your if "weight per inch" is 2 grams and you want a 18" chain it will weigh 36 grams
Weight can vary +- 5% as these are handmade chains! Millimeter thickness is exact to 0.01mm measured by laser
2mm - 3.3g (0.17g per inch)
2.8mm - 5g (0.25g per inch)
3mm - 7.2g (0.36g per inch)
3.8mm - 9.9g (0.49g per inch)
4.5mm - 14.7g (0.73g per inch)
6mm - 20.2g (1g per inch)
7mm - 31.8g (1.59g per inch)
Chain isn't hollow...its SOLID...has a nice weight to it!
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