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Welcome to Harlem Bling, your source for real hip hop jewelry and other essentials that are sure to turn heads. Since 2009, we have worked hard to bring consumers brilliant jewelry and unbeatable prices. Why spend a small fortune when you can save?


All of our jewelry is genuine and authentic, with no knock-offs or substitutes. What’s more, we use only the highest quality moissanites and man made diamonds to bring you real iced out jewelry and other stunning selections.


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We are able to offer our customers significant savings by creating our most prized pieces with moissanite. This rare mineral is more brilliant than diamonds and lasts a lifetime. Its incredible strength is only matched by its beauty. So if you’re looking for iced out jewelry that’s both affordable and attractive, moissanite is an excellent investment.


Furthermore, moissanite doesn’t become foggy or lose its brilliance. In fact, this rare stone features the highly sought-after “fire” effect, where its surface reflects both white and colored light. That’s something diamonds can’t do, and the more reason why our clients love our hip hop jewelry.

You will find three unique collections among our real hip hop jewelry: 


● Solid 925 sterling silver or gold vermeil 925 sterling silver


● Gold plated or natural stainless steel


● Solid 10k 14k Gold 


Our clients choose us because we strive for optimal beauty and longevity in everything that we offer. From our real gold hip hop jewelry to our breathtaking moissanite, we provide exceptional jewelry that is crafted to last.

Harlem Bling Is Your Source for Wholesale Hip Hop Jewelry

That’s right; consumers who are interested in getting our jewelry at wholesale prices simply need to contact us to discuss our options. We are happy to work with you to ensure that you get the best deal we can offer. 


After all, Harlem Bling is all about providing people with affordable real hip hop jewelry. So whether you’re interested in wholesale inventory or you want to buy jewelry for you or that special someone in your life, Harlem Bling is where you want to be.


We offer both men’s and women’s rings, as well as chains, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings, and more. Be sure to browse our Best Sellers and Latest Drops to see what’s hot. And as always, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about our collections.