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Browse our wide selection of premium tennis bracelets. Harlem Bling has been providing customers with authentic and high-quality jewelry since 2009. Place your orders online today.

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    Diamond and Moissanite Tennis Bracelets

    The tennis bracelet is an iconic style that is always in fashion. Its simplicity may be the reason for its enduring popularity. Essentially a row of perfectly matched diamonds set in gold, silver, platinum, or other precious metals, tennis bracelets are the pinnacle of low-key luxury.   


    The term “tennis bracelet” was coined after a famous incident involving Chris Evert, a professional tennis player. During an intense match in the US Open, her George Bedewi diamond bracelet broke and flew off her wrist.


    Evert asked for the match to be stopped while she looked for her bracelet on the court. Not long after, Evert’s bracelet and its maker George Bedewi became famous. 


    After some time, more and more jewelers created similar bracelets with handmade inline diamonds and clasps that could withstand intense physical activities like tennis. People soon began wearing diamond tennis bracelets both off and on the court. 


    Tennis Bracelet Features

    Apart from its beauty and sophistication, one standout feature of tennis bracelets is their ability to remain securely fastened. Many jewelers add a safety clasp, so if the primary clasp comes undone, the bracelet will stay in place. 


    What To Consider When Buying a Tennis Bracelet

    Quality of the stones is one factor that you should consider when choosing a tennis bracelet. 


    While tennis bracelets are traditionally crafted using natural diamonds, man-made diamonds and moissanites are excellent and more affordable alternatives. 


    Lab-grown diamonds have fewer defects than their mined counterparts, while moissanite will never get cloudy or discolored. It’s also easier to find beautiful options in any price range when you choose man-made diamonds or moissanites. 

    Why Choose Harlem Bling

    We carry several kinds of diamond tennis bracelets. You can take your pick from gold and silver tennis bracelets. We offer single- and double-row pieces featuring moissanites, man-made blue diamonds, lab-created pink sapphires, and other eye-catching stones. Some of our bracelets can also be customized in terms of thickness, length, and finish. 


    At Harlem Bling, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality, premium jewelry. We only use stones that look just like natural diamonds to the naked eye—you won’t be able to tell the difference without a microscope. You get the lux look you want without having to pay a fortune. 


    And, because we use silver and other precious metals for our bracelets, you won’t have to worry about your pieces tarnishing or turning your skin green.