Display your devotion with style using finely crafted Jesus pendant pieces from Harlem Bling. We have a wide variety of Jesus pieces to choose from.

Jesus Pieces

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Jesus Piece Pendants

At its heart, jewelry is an elegant way of self-expression. Religious designs have also always been a part of the craft of jewelry-making. Whether it’s an iced-out rosary, a carved saint pendant, or a crucifix, religious jewelry serves as both a fashion accessory and a statement of faith.

Jesus pieces are intricately designed pendants that feature Jesus’ face or body on the cross. The biggest names in the hip-hop world like The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, and Kanye West have been known to wear Jesus pieces. And you can do the same. 

Jesus pieces are usually made from gold, silver, or stainless steel. They also typically feature diamonds or other precious stones. 


Why Harlem Bling?

We at Harlem Bling have been providing our clients with the most stylish and real hip-hop jewelry since 2009. Order your Jesus pieces online from us today and enjoy the following benefits:


Excellent Service – If you would like to understand what a Jesus piece is in further detail or need assistance with a purchase, you can send a text or Whatsapp message to 718-309-029. A live, personal jeweler will get in touch with you to answer your questions.

Our return policy provides you with the option to get a full refund within 30 days. This gives you extra confidence in the quality of our products. 

100% Real – Our Jesus pieces, along with all the other items on our website, are authentic. They fall under one of three collections:
Gold vermeil – 925 sterling silver plated with thick vermeil quality gold.
Stainless steel – Can be either gold-plated or natural
Solid 925 sterling silver

Seamless Process – You have the option to pay using any US major credit card. You can also opt for a monthly installment plan that’s interest-free, thanks to Sezzle. We offer a range of quick and convenient shipping options. First-class orders are shipped free in the US as well.


Man-made diamonds – The lab-grown diamonds we use are the best of both worlds—more affordable than natural diamonds but tougher and more brilliant than the cubic zirconia or CZ that many shops carry. Our diamonds can also pass the basic diamond test.

Choose from our selection of Jesus pieces and order today.