Complete your outfit with hip-hop pendants by Harlem Bling. For more than 12 years, we have been providing stunning jewelry at unbeatable prices to countless customers. Check out our collection of iced out hip-hop pendants, and place an order online today. 


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Hip Hop Necklace & Pendants

From oversized gold hip-hop pendants featuring religious symbols to small pieces depicting scorpions, cobras, and swords, Harlem Bling has them all. Our collection of hip-hop jewelry is made from high-quality materials that won’t tarnish, fade, or turn your skin green. 


We incorporate a wide range of stones, including lab-grown diamonds, moissanites, simulated rubies, as well as man-made emeralds and lapis lazuli. Natural stones like black onyx and tigers eye also feature in our designs. 


Our pendants’ bezels and settings come in natural silver and 14K gold. Choose the one that best matches the chain you already have, or shop our collection of plain, iced-out, and tennis chains.  


Harlem Bling offers the iciest of jewelry looks at a fraction of the cost of natural diamonds. They’re perfect for any occasion and for any outfit that needs an extra style boost. Wear our hip-hop pendants to showcase your faith, passions, hometown, or just your love for bling. 


Choosing Your Hip Hop Pendant

There are countless kinds of pendants that feature stones that shine and dazzle. They’re the perfect centerpiece to any hip-hop chain.


One of the best things about hip-hop pendants is how they allow you to express your personality and unique sense of style. When choosing a hip-hop pendant, consider the following: 


What Do You Want Your Pendant To Represent

Hip-hop celebrities and up-and-coming rappers alike have a shared love of pendants with religious iconography that allow them to showcase their faith. Crucifixes, “Jesus pieces,” Hamsa, ankhs, and more ranging in size from small to massive are available through our online store. 


Meanwhile, some prefer to use their pendants to make a statement about a cause they’re passionate about, showcase a favorite hobby or sports team, or just to make their outfits extra fly. 

How Much Are You Wiling To Spend?

Iced-out hip-hop pendants, especially those made with natural diamonds and other precious stones, are typically very expensive. If you want the look without the price tag, consider pendants adorned with moissanite and lab-grown diamonds. These sparkle and catch the eye just as well as the real thing. 


We carry pieces that will fit any budget. The lab-grown diamonds in our iced out hip-hop pendants are beautiful and incredibly strong. We also have gold hip-hop pendants that come in all shapes and sizes. 


Get In Touch

If you’re having trouble deciding which hip-hop jewelry pendant to get, you can send us an SMS at 718-309-0291 and one of our specialist jewelers will be more than happy to assist you.