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Harlem Bling womens pendant necklace collections are absolutely gorgeous. We offer our pieces in different materials, like silver, gold, and moissanite.

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HarlemBling MOISSANITE Tennis Cross Pendant - 10k Gold - 0.5"-1.75"

MOISSANITE Tennis Cross Pendant - 10k Gold - 0.5"-1.75"

$115.00 - $600.00
Gorgeous mens or ladies MOISSANITE cross pendants Set in solid 10k yellow gold   VVS D Color moissanite PASSES DIAMOND TESTER!!! ANY PEN OR LIGHT TRANSMISSION DIAMOND TESTER (Will show up as moissanite and not diamond on lab assays...
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    Women's Pendants and Charms

    A pendant necklace is a great accessory to add to your jewellery collection. You can wear it as a statement piece or as an everyday piece of jewellery. 

    What to Look for When Buying a Pendant Necklace

    It can be difficult to find the perfect ladies pendant necklace for yourself or for someone else. You want a nice piece of jewellery, but you also want something that is going to last that won’t break the bank. Here are some things you might want to consider before purchasing a pendant necklace:


    Metal Type: Necklace pendants for women typically come in gold, silver, and other metal types like bronze. If you don’t know what type of metal someone might prefer, it’s best to go with gold since it’s a safe choice for most people. Just keep in mind that some people don’t like wearing gold because it can turn their skin green.


    Length: Most pendants hang around the neck, but they can also hang from the ear or be worn as a bracelet. It’s important to consider how long or short the chain needs to be before choosing the perfect pendant.


    The Stone: Stones are another thing that makes pendants so special and beautiful. At Harlem Bling, we understand that you want a high-quality stone that’s long-lasting yet affordable. That’s why we use moissanite in all of our collections.


    How to Wear a Pendant

    A pendant can be worn as a fashion statement or as a way to reflect your personality. Even still, you can wear pendants to add a little flair to an outfit or to accentuate your natural beauty. 


    A pendant necklace is the perfect accessory for formal events, but it can also be worn for everyday wear. Match a long necklace with a plain t-shirt and jeans, or wear a short necklace with a fancy dress. Whatever attire you prefer to wear, you can trust that our ladies pendants will complement you well.

    Style Ideas for Women with Pendant Necklaces


    One way to try a new look is with a pendant necklace. Pendants are great because they can add some extra style to an outfit without having to change anything else. They’re also easy to put on and take off, which is great for women who want the option of changing their look throughout the day. Plus, it’s easy to layer necklaces and make both pieces part of your outfit.


    If you’ve never worn a pendant before, Harlem Bling gives you the perfect opportunity to invest in a stunning piece at an unbeatable price.