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Have you been dreaming of owning a ring that stands out from the crowd? At Harlem Bling, our iced out rings allow you to do just that. Thanks to our exceptional quality and attention to detail, your new iced out ring will attract attention and keep you looking your best.

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Mens Real Solid Sterling Silver Nugget Ring Solitaire

Men's Real Solid Sterling Silver Nugget Ring Solitaire

Gorgeous men's nugget ring Perfect size ring...not to big yet very noticeable! SOLID 925 sterling silver. Stamped 925Will never tarnish or turn your hand green!One solitaire 0.2ct man made diamond...looks just like a natural diamond cant tell...
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    Men's and Women's Iced Out Rings

    We are proud to offer collections that you can’t find anywhere else at these incredible prices. Since we opened our doors in 2009, we’ve had one mission, and that’s to offer our customers stunning jewelry at unbeatable prices.


    What is it about Harlem Bling that sets us apart from the competition? Read on to find out!

    Customer Service

    At Harlem Bling, we believe customer service should be accessible, friendly, and helpful. And that’s precisely what we strive to offer our loyal customers. If you ever have any questions or need assistance ordering from our collections, you can trust that we are here to help.


    We’ll even work with you on wholesale orders to ensure that you get the best prices possible. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you require a large shipment of jewelry, whether it’s iced out rings or our other stunning collections.


    What is Moissanite?

    Moissanite is a rare stone that boasts features diamonds only dream about. With moissanite’s incredibly rich refractive and reflective properties, your stones will look crisper, more colorful, and more vivid than ever. That’s because moissanite beats diamonds in these areas, offering both beauty and strength for lasting quality.

    Unbeatable Prices


    Our customers know they can trust Harlem Bling to provide them with exceptional pieces of jewelry at unbeatable prices. That’s one of the reasons why we use moissanite in our collections. Moissanite costs a fraction of what you’d pay for diamonds. And yet, moissanite delivers features and effects not found in diamonds.


    And because moissanite is incredibly strong, you can look forward to your investment lasting a lifetime. So not only are you saving a significant sum of money, but you’re also investing in jewelry that stands the test of time.


    Our iced out rings are a perfect example of our commitment to offering the best at affordable prices. We offer both men’s and women’s iced out rings, too. So you can find exactly what you’re looking for among our massive collection.

    What’s more, our unique offerings ensure that you’re investing in something that only you will have. They’re perfect as a gift or for when you just want to spoil yourself.