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All our teeth grillz are made from precious metals—we have grillz in solid sterling silver as well as solid sterling silver plated in 14k gold. Check out our selection of grillz and place your order today. 

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    Iced Out Gold and Silver Teeth Grillz

    Flashy, fresh, and fashionable, grillz have been around for many years. Flava Flav from Public Enemy wore gold teeth grill caps in the early 1980s, while rappers popular in the early 2000s like Lil Jon and Ludacris wore more elaborate grills inlaid with diamonds.


    Grillz used to be semi-permanent or permanent additions to a person’s teeth. Now, you can easily get several grillz and swap them out to match your outfit or your mood.


    Some stores sell removable grillz made of brass. However, these kinds of grillz don’t last, and brass is infamous for turning green over time. 


    At Harlem Bling, we only carry teeth grillz made of solid sterling silver. This precious metal does not tarnish and fade, so you can feel good about wearing our grillz for years to come. 



    Our icy grillz feature moissanites that pass light transmission diamond tests—they’re that realistic. We also offer grillz inlaid with man-made diamonds. 


    We carry a selection of grillz in multiple styles, from single-tooth caps and gap grillz to full top-and--bottom sets. From low-key, unornamented grillz in silver or 14 gold over silver to enameled and diamond-cut grillz, we have it all. 


    Choosing Grillz For Your Teeth


    The following are some things to consider when shopping for grillz:


    Style: Is your style low-key or flashy? Choose a grill that best matches your personality and sense of style. Grillz range from pure metal constructions to elaborately iced-out pieces. We also carry  


    Craftsmanship: Are the stones firmly affixed to the grills? Some settings have the moissanites or man-made diamonds very close to each other, reducing the risk of a stone falling out. Another option, if you’re worried about stones coming loose, is diamond-cut silver grillz. With this option, the metal itself is cut to mimic the facets of a diamond. Under sunlight or bright light, the grills on your teeth look as icy as diamonds. 


    Price: Grillz made of real diamonds cost a fortune. An alternative is grillz that feature moissanites. Also called diamond simulants, moissanites are lab-created stones that are very brilliant and durable enough for daily wear. 

    Shop Our Collection Of Teeth Grillz

    At Harlem Bling, we carry several kinds of teeth grillz. We have everything ranging from caps for a singular tooth to entire rows. We have silver or gold teeth grillz as well. Some of our offerings have diamonds to line the front. 


    Whatever you choose from our selection, you can be confident that it will last you a long time. Check out the options below to find the teeth grillz that match your tastes, and place your order today.