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HarlemBling Anti Tarnish Intercept Jewelry Pouches

Anti Tarnish Intercept Jewelry Pouches

$10.00 - $18.00
Packs of 10 velvet copper lined jewelry pouches   Keeps your jewelry tarnish free for up to 3 years   Read more about these bags here:   Buy buying in bulk...
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Jewelry Scale - Digi Scale

Jewelry Scale - Digi Scale

DONT GET RIPPED OFF BUYING JEWELRY ALWAYS CHECK THE WEIGHT BEFORE YOU BUY!!!   Any legit company should have the weight listed and you should get what you paying for!
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Harlem Bling Jewelry Mystery Box

Harlem Bling Jewelry Mystery Box!!!

Harlem Bling Hip Hop Jewelry Mystery Box!!!   Love our items? Love surprises?   Cant decide what to get? Want everything lol!?     All items from our website...only solid 925 sterling silver!       Tiny box...
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