14k HOLLOW Real Yellow Gold Puffed Mariner Gucci Link Chain 5-9mm Thick 16-24" Men Ladies Necklace

$632.95 - $1,497.95

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14k Gold puffed gucci link chain aka puffed mariner necklace

Available in 3 thickness: 5mm 7mm 9mm

Hollow so its lightweight and much cheaper...hollow doesn't mean its not real gold...its still "solid gold" its just empty inside so you get a thicker chain for the same money.

Hangs perfectly straight
Very sturdy.
This chain will never rip!
Here is weight for 20" chain...if your chain is longer or shorter weight will vary slightly:
5mm 12.2 grams
7mm 15.4 grams
9mm 19.4 grams
Handmade in Turkey!
Great investment...give it few years and watch your investment double in price!