Harlembling has the best reviews in the jewelry industry!

We have built our business on providing the best customer service and products!


We have created a Facebook group that has thousands of members reviewing our jewelry every day! Please join the group and see for yourselves real people wearing our jewelry!




Facebook group we made and not a page because on a facebook page reviews can be faked! On a group its what YOU the consumers say!



Remember reviews that you see on 90% of jewelry websites are fake!!!

Companies that have 75 website visitors a month ...not even customers...will put up 5 stars and (75)

Anyone can add this to their website...its done by the company not people and the companies simply delete all the bad reviews!!!



Other companies love putting fake pop ups that make it seem that they have a customer every 3 minutes

These pop ups are FAKE




At Harlembling we don't review ourselves!

We don't have any "reviews" on our website!

We don't pay Youtubers or B-Grade celebrities for fake reviews!


We do have 1000s on independent reviews published by legitimate website such as eBay & Amazon...these reviews CAN NOT BE EDITED BY US!!!


For instance check our reviews here and feel free read see them all!