Flaunt real and stylish hip-hop rings, bling's rings from Harlem Bling. We have a wide selection of silver, gold, and stainless steel rings that exude swag.


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Mens and Womens Hip Hop Rings

Hip-hop rings complete the bling ensemble. Having the most elegant and intricate pieces around your neck and wrist can be enhanced with your choice of finger bling. Some celebrities even wear rings on all of their fingers for maximum visual impact. 

Hip-hop rings can come in different styles and be made with various materials. For both women and men, gold hip-hop rings are a favorite. Many also opt for iced out or hip-hop rings with diamonds. Some prefer thinner rings with simple patterns, while others like to have complicated centerpieces on their hip-hop rings.

There is no shortage of hip-hop ring designs out there. Like with other hip-hop jewelry, rings are about making the statement you want.


Why Harlem Bling?

For more than 13 years, we have been providing countless clients with real and stylish jewelry pieces to match their hip-hop lifestyle. Place your orders for hip-hop rings today to learn why we’re the top choice for bling:


100% Real – All the jewelry pieces we carry are real and made from the following:
Gold vermeil – 925 sterling silver plated with thick vermeil quality gold.
Solid 925 sterling silver
Stainless steel – Can be either gold-plated or natural

Seamless Process – You can pay for our hip-hop rings using any major US credit card. You can also opt for an interest-free monthly installment plan using Sezzle. We offer a range of shipping options for your convenience as well. Shipping within the US is always free for First Class orders.

Man-made Diamonds – While we don’t carry natural diamonds, man-made diamonds are as brilliant and can pass the basic diamond test. What’s more, they cost a fraction of the price of natural diamonds. They are also significantly higher quality than the cubic zirconia or CZ stones that many shops carry.

Excellent Service – Text or message us on Whatsapp and chat with a live, personal jeweler to help you choose the best bling. We also have a 30-day full refund policy that can give you extra confidence in your hip-hop ring purchase. 

Take your pick from our selection of hip-hop rings and place your order today