Tennis Bracelet SOLID 925 Sterling Silver MOISSANITE Pass Diamond Tester 3-7mm

$206.95 - $975.95

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Gorgeous mens or ladies tennis bracelets.

Handmade with moissanite stones
HITS ON DIAMOND TESTER as moissanite...looks like real diamonds even pawn shops and jewelers have a hard time telling difference!
Real VVS D Color Excellent cut moissanite tone
Comes with a GRA certificate
Passes diamond tester
SOLID 925 Sterling Silver finished in rhodium or 14k gold!
Gold is bonded to silver underneath so color wont fade or tarnish even in pool or shower
Never changes color!
Secure spring clasp with 2 sided safety clasps!

3-7mm in thickness
6-9" in length
Below are weights and carat for each mm in 8" length (if you buy longer or shorter weight will vary accordingly)
3mm - 6.4 carat VVS Moissanite 11.4 grams
4mm - 14.7 carat VVS Moissanite 16.7 grams
5mm -  20.5 carat VVS moissanite 17.1 grams
6mm -  25.6 carat VVS Moissanite 20.4 grams
7mm - 32.3 carat VVS Moissanite 35.2 grams
We also sell very nice matching chains in moissanite or man made diamonds!
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