Paperclip Bracelet - 14k Gold Vermeil 925 Sterling Silver - 6"-8" - 2.5mm-4mm


$19.95 - $35.95



Gorgeous paperclip bracelets

2.5mm 3mm 4mm 
Solid 925 sterling silver. Bonded with 14k yellow gold.
Gold is bonded vermeil not plated so lasts many many years
Stamped "925" & "Italy"
We have in 6-8.5"
Very fashionable stacked with another bracelet or a watch
Here is weights for 8"...if your bracelet is longer or shorter weight will vary slightly
2.5mm- 2.1g
3mm- 2.8g
4mm- 5.6g

These items are handmade so chains might vary in weight +- 2-3%