4.47ct Real Diamond Hip Hop Natural 925 Sterling Silver Iced Square Mens Ring


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Men's diamond square ring

VVS D Color lab created CVD diamond. 4.47ct


Best quality stones not the salty looking I/J i2 that lot of dealers push!

CVD are REAL diamonds just lab made (not to be confused with man-made diamonds or moissanite)

These are real diamonds just lab made and not earth mined which is more ethical!




925 Sterling Silver


Ring is 11-12 grams depending on size!

BIG size about 17mm by 18mm square top

Very nice and heavy feel


Amazing detail and so shiny it will blind you! MUST SEE TO BELIEVE!

Stones on top and all the way down on sides!

Great price!!! Other retailers selling similiar rings for $8,000-$10,000


We have the same ring with man made diamonds or moissanite set in 925 silver for much cheaper as well


Ships fast