14k HOLLOW 6.5mm Real Yellow Gold Miami Cuban Link Chain Diamond Cut Necklace Two Tone

$1,051.95 - $1,351.95

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14k Gold Miami Cuban link chain


Diamond cut for a icy look even though it doesnt have stones

Two tone white gold mix with yellow gold gives it a unique look!


Hollow so its lightweight and much cheaper...hollow doesn't mean its not real gold...its still "solid gold" its just empty inside so you get a thicker chain for the same money

6.5mm thick (9mm at widest point of clasp)
Very very tight links
Hangs perfectly straight
Box lock
Very heavy! Very sturdy.
This chain will never rip!
18" - 14.8 grams
20" - 16.4 grams
22" - 18.1 grams
24" - 19.7 grams
 Handmade in Turkey!
Great investment...give it few years and watch your investment double in price!