VVS Moissanite Studs Cluster Flower Set Earrings Real 925 Sterling Silver 6-11mm

$41.95 - $131.95

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Moissanite screw back cluster stud earrings


Flower setting! Each order is for a pair of 2 earrings

VVS D color excellent cut moissanite stones

PASSES DIAMOND TESTER!!! ANY PEN OR LIGHT TRANSMISSION DIAMOND TESTER (Will show up as moissanite and not diamond on lab assays however)

Comes with GRA certificate


Solid 925 silver..wont turn your ears green! 

Made in Italy (stamped 925)

Screw backs for a secure fit...very comfortable to wear


Great for men or ladies

0.5ct - 6mm (Really 5.9-6.3mm depending which way you measure) 1.2 grams

1ct - 7.5mm (Really 7.2-8.1mm depending which way you measure) 1.8 grams

1.5ct - 9mm (Really 8.6-9.3mm depending which way you measure) 2.3 grams

2ct - 10mm (Really 9.4-10.3mm depending which way you measure) 2.5 grams

3ct - 11mm (Really 10.2-11.1mm depending which way you measure) 2.6 grams


Ships fast

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