14k Gold Over SOLID 925 Silver Gap Grillz Single Tooth Hip Hop Grill Cap Iced


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Single Tooth Gap Grillz

2mm wide

Great to cover up gap in top or bottom teeth. You do NOT need a gap to wear them however. Nice as a understated bling in your mouth without being over the top with full grillz

Solid 925 sterling silver. Stamped 925 vermeil with 14k yellow gold

0.2ct man made diamonds (look just like natural diamonds without a microscope)

Others sell brass, and if you ever bought it before you know it changes color in a few hours and looks green and embarrassing.
Ours is REAL 925 sterling silver vermeil with 14k yellow gold.

Comes with TWO silicone molds for easy fitting.
Reason we include two is because many people damage one on their first try

925 silver & 14k gold has been used for dental jewelry and dental work for hundreds of years!
Never put brass or cheap metals in your mouth.

Stamped 925
Never changes colors!