REAL Solid 925 Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Grillz Teeth Fronts Slugs Top Bottom

$35.95 - $71.95

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Diamond cut grillz - looks like iced diamond grillz in the sun

Did you see the brass grillz other sells have been selling? Well guess what...those grillz are maybe good for a Halloween party but NOT for everyday use!
Brass turns colors and goes green in few hours...complete waste of money!
Our grillz are made out of SOLID 925 silver!
Solid silver underneath so color doesnt change
Stamped 925
Will never turn color...Silver is a precious metal
Silver & gold has been used in dental work for hundreds of years and lasts a lifetime!
Grillz come with silicone/wax mold and case.
All you have to do is use warm water to melt the mold and then insert for a custom fit
One size fits all!
Let us know if you have any questions