Solid 925 Silver Dog Tag Iced Hip Hop Pendant Necklace - 3 Sizes For Men Ladies

$42.95 - $89.95

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Gorgeous hip hop dog tag pendant...3 sizes are sure to stand out with this piece!!

Great for men or ladies




Solid 925 sterling silver


3 sizes

Small - 1" ... weighs roughly 4.8 grams (fits up to 2.5mm chains)

Medium - 1.5" ... weighs roughly 7.8 grams (fits up to 3.5mm chains)

Large - 2" ... weighs roughly 17.6 grams (fits up to 5mm chains)


Iced man made diamonds!

SO ICY IT WILL BLIND YOU! Look just like real diamonds cant tell difference without microscope


100% 925 silver...not plated or filled...will NEVER TARNISH OR CHANGE COLOR


Solid and heavy piece


Pendant only.

Doesn't come with chain...chain sold separately


Ships fast

Let us know if you have any questions