Real Tiger Eye Link Chain Necklace Or Bracelet Solid 925 Sterling Silver ITALY

$19.95 - $142.95

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Gorgeous Tigers eye cuban link chains or bracelets

Made in Italy solid 925 sterling silver. 

Unique custom link!


Great for pendants or wear alone!

Very unique link...its made by hand like a cuban link but twisted to give it a figure 8 shape
Here are the weights for 24" chains (if you chain is shorter or longer weight will vary)
2.5mm - 7.7g (8" is 2.8 grams)
4.5mm - 18.7g (8" is 6.6 grams)
5.5mm - 30.7g (8" is 10.3 grams)

7-8.5" bracelets
16-30" chains

Lays Flat!
Very shiny and nicely made! 

Made in Italy
Stamped 925

100% silver so it will never turn your neck green or change color
This chain will last a lifetime...simply clean it every few months and it will look new again!