14k Men's Solid HEAVY Yellow Gold Miami Cuban Link Chain Box Lock Necklace 3mm-8.25mm

$524.95 - $7,524.95

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Gorgeous mens cuban link chains 

Available in 3mm-8.25mm (this is chain thickness...it measures 2-4mm bigger at clasp)

Box lock clasp

Great for pendants or wear alone!


HEAVY SOLID 14k gold...not plated or filled...not hollow


Not light cheap chains compare our weight to the other chains you see!

Here are the weights for 24" chains (if you chain is shorter or longer weight will vary)
3mm - 20.2g (Bracelet is 7.5g)
4mm- 30.1g (Bracelet 11.3g)
5mm- 48.5g (Bracelet 18.3g)
6mm- 65.9g (Bracelet 24.6g)
7mm- 91.8g (Bracelet 34.2g)
8.25mm- 133.2g (Bracelet 49.1g)

Lays Flat! Doesn't Twist
Very shiny and nicely made