8mm 925 Sterling Silver Men Diamond Cut Rolo Hermes Link Chain Necklace Bracelet

$51.95 - $151.95

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Gorgeous solid 925 sterling silver diamond cut Hermes link rolo chains or bracelets

Puff rolo chain - aka as cable or Hermes link.

Handmade custom design with diamond cuts

8mm thick so great to wear alone or with a pendant


Solid 925 sterling silver so wont change color or tarnish

Stamped 925...Made in Italy


These chains are hollow so they lightweight - hollow doesn't mean real silver just means its air inside!


16-28" ranging from 24-37.5 grams of pure 925 sterling silver...24" weighs 32 grams...8" bracelet is 11.5 grams

Also have as 7"-9" bracelet...keep in mind since bracelet thick we recommend you buy 1/2" longer than you usually buy...so if you wear a 7.5" get a 8"...

Very shiny high polished and nicely made! Great 3D design!

Ships fast
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