Triangle Rolo Chain Necklace Or Bracelet - 925 Sterling Silver - 7"-24" - 7.5mm


$131.95 - $354.95



Gorgeous solid 925 sterling silver Hermes link rolo chains or bracelets

Modified rolo with links being angular (like a triangle) hence the name

Handmade custom anywhere you wont find this chain made by anyone else! Great for those that like something unique and handmade!


7.5mm thick so great to wear alone or with a pendant


Solid 925 sterling silver so wont change color or tarnish

Stamped 925...Made in Italy


These chains are solid and heavy.


18-24" ranging from 57-80 grams of pure 925 sterling silver...18" weighs roughly 60.5 grams...8" bracelet weighs roughly 26.5 grams


These items are handmade so chains might vary in weight or width +- 2-3%


Also have as 7"-8" bracelet...keep in mind since bracelet thick we recommend you buy 1/2" longer than you usually if you wear a 7.5" get a 8"...

Very shiny high polished and nicely made! Great 3D design!

Ships fast
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