925 Sterling Silver 8mm Puffed Gucci Mariner Link Chain Necklace Bracelet 7-30"

$38.95 - $161.95

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Gorgeous solid 925 sterling silver puffed gucci link bracelets

8mm wide so perfect as mens or ladies chains or bracelets


Solid 925 sterling silver so wont change color or tarnish

Stamped 925...Made in Italy


These chains are hollow and puffed...thats what gives them the 3D effect...puffed gucci chains feel light and confortable to wear because its like a ball of silver and is empty inside!


16-30" ranging from 20-40 grams of pure sterling silver...also have as 7" or 8" bracelet (weighs about 8-10 grams)
Wear its as an 18" or 20" choker or as a longer 26-30" hip hop style chain!

Very shiny and nicely made!