REAL MOISSANITE Iced Square Princess Cut Tennis Bracelet 925 Silver 3-5mm 6-8.5"

$221.00 - $512.00

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Gorgeous men's or ladies MOISSANITE princess cut tennis bracelets. Princess cut is a square cut of stone.

Princess cut is a square shape and is the hardest shape to cut due to the straight edges!


Princess moissanite stones are bigger than round ones ....a 5mm princess cut stone is 0.8ct while round cut is 0.5ct



Real VVS D color excellent cut moissanite stones


Hits on a diamond tester (shows "diamond" on basic tester and moissanite on more advanced testers)

Look just like real diamonds and cant tell the difference without a microscope!


Comes with GRA Certificate



Available in 3mm 4mm or 5mm

Here is sample weight and carat for 8" bracelet (if your bracelet is shorter or longer weight and ct will vary)

3mm - 11.8 grams (15.3ct)

4mm - 17.5 grams (16.1ct)

5mm - 21.1 grams (28.2ct)




SOLID 925 Sterling Silver


Not plated so will never fade or tarnish...LIFETIME PIECE

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