Miami Cuban Link Chain Or Bracelet 14k Rose Gold Over Solid 925 Silver Box Lock

$50.95 - $977.95

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Gorgeous mens cuban link chains or braceletsBox lock claspGreat for pendants or wear alone!


Here are the weights for 24" chains (if you chain is shorter or longer weight will vary)

4mm- 25.5g

5mm- 43.82g

6mm- 60.24g

8mm- 111.2g

10.5mm- 167g

7-9" bracelets

18-30" chains

Lays Flat!

Very shiny and nicely made! 

Made in Italy

Stamped 925

100% silver so it will never turn your neck green

Rose gold plating lasts many years (10+ years) and when comes off can be easily readapted at nay jeweler for $20-25!We also have the same chain in natural silver without gold plating