Miami Cuban Link Bracelet - 14k Rose Gold Vermeil 925 Sterling Silver - 7"-9.5" - 4mm-10.5mm

$58.95 - $277.95

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Gorgeous mens cuban link bracelets

Box lock clasp


Made in Italy

14k rose gold over solid 925 sterling silver

Stamped 925
100% silver so it will never turn your hand green

Here are the approximate weights for 8" bracelets  (if your bracelet is shorter or longer weight will vary)
4mm- 8.5g
5mm- 14.6g
6mm- 20.1g
8mm- 36.9g
10.5mm- 55.6g

7-9.5" bracelets

Lays flat doesnt turn easily!
Very shiny and nicely made! 

Gold plating lasts many years!
Even if it get scratched you can always replate it at any jeweler for $5-10

Ships fast

Let us know if you have any questions!