Iced MOISSANITE Clasp 14k Gold Stainless Steel Franco Chain Necklace Bracelet

$61.95 - $101.95

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Gorgeous mens or ladies franco chains or bracelets


Moissanite box clasp...VVS D Color moissanite stones that pass any diamond tester!!! Clasps are 1.5-2.5ct of moissanite stones!!!

Comes with GRA certificate


Great for pendants or wear alone!

100% Stainless Steel!!! Will never turn your neck green or change color

Stainless steel is even more durable than silver or gold
Made in Italy
Stamped "14k GP "
14k yellow gold vermeil

Here are the weights for 24" chains (if you chain is shorter or longer weight will vary)
4mm- 38g...1.5ct moissanite (8.5" is 16.1 grams)
5mm- 57g...2.4ct moissanite (8.5" is 23.1 grams)
6mm- 86g...2.5ct moissanite (8.5" is 32.1 grams)

Very shiny and nicely made! 

This chain will last a lifetime...simply clean it every few months and it will look new again!
We also sell matching bracelets

Ships fast
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