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Wear real hip-hop chains, bling chains by Harlem Bling. We have gold, silver, and stainless steel hip-hop chain necklaces for men and women.

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    Hip Hop Chains and Necklaces

    Hip-hop culture has embraced bling in a big way, and hip-hop chains have become a staple. The most successful and popular names in the entertainment industry often wear several of these chains around their necks as a style statement, a symbol of their attitude, and a reminder of their achievements. 

    Hip-hop chains are often 5-9 mm thick and around 30-40 in long. Some choose longer chains, especially if they want to add a pendant. Some opt for shorter ones, approximately 20 in long, and wear these chains as chokers instead. 

    Hip-hop chains are usually made of gold, silver, or stainless steel. These are tough, stylish, and heavy, especially when they’re iced out with diamonds, pendants, or other embellishments. 


    Why Harlem Bling?

    Since 2009, we’ve been providing our clients with the most stylish and elegant jewelry pieces at unbeatable prices. Order your hip-hop chains today, and enjoy the following perks:


    Man-made diamonds – Our diamonds are lab-grown and will pass the basic diamond test while costing significantly less than natural diamonds. This also means that these are tougher and more brilliant than the cubic zirconia other shops use in their bling.

    100% Real – We only carry real hip-hop chains made of the following:

    - Solid 925 sterling silver
    - Stainless steel – Can be either gold-plated or natural
    - Gold vermeil – 925 sterling silver plated with thick vermeil quality gold. 

    Excellent service – You have access to a live, personal jeweler when you send an SMS or a Whatsapp message to 718-309-0291.

    Your purchases are covered by a 3-day full refund policy. If you’re not satisfied with your hip-hop chains, you can return them anytime within a month and get your money back. Other shops don’t have a policy like this because their items change colors after just a couple of uses.

    Seamless Process – You can conveniently pay using any major US credit card. You can also choose an interest-free installment plan using Sezzle. You’ll find our variety of shipping options quick and convenient as well.

    Choose from our selection and order your hip-hop chains online today!