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Wear authentic and stylish hip-hop bracelets from Harlem Bling. We carry everything from gold hip-hop bracelets to iced-out chains.

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    Diamond and Moissanite Bracelets

    In the world of hip-hop fashion, accessories aren’t optional—they’re a requirement. 

    Hip-hop bracelets are a popular choice. They’re usually made of gold, silver, or stainless steel. Some include diamonds or other stones for that “iced-out” look.

    Hip-hop bracelets are typically 6-10 mm thick and around 8-9 in long. Their weight is determined by whether they’re carrying stones or just flashing precious metals. 

    The most prominent hip-hop celebrities usually don’t just settle for one bracelet on one wrist. Some stack more than five of them on each wrist. 


    Why Harlem Bling?

    At Harlem Bling, we’ve been working hard to provide our clients with head-turning, brilliant jewelry since 2009. You get the following benefits when you buy from us:


    100% Real – We only sell real jewelry made from:
    Solid 925 sterling silver
    Gold vermeil – 925 sterling silver plated with thick vermeil quality gold. 
    Stainless steel – Can be either gold-plated or natural

    Man-made Diamonds – While we don’t carry natural diamonds, we also don’t use cheap cubic zirconia or CZ. This means our man-made diamond jewelry can pass that basic diamond test while still being significantly more affordable.

    Excellent Service – We offer clients a 30-day full refund if they’re not happy with their purchase for any reason. Our hip-hop bracelets don’t change colors, but you can feel confident that if it does, you are covered up to a month. 


    Additionally, you can chat with a live, personal jeweler when you send a text message to 718-309-0291. You can also get in touch using Whatsapp.

    Seamless Process – We accept all major credit cards. You can also pay through Sezzle and enjoy interest-free monthly installments. You can choose from our range of convenient and quick shipping options as well. 

    What are you waiting for? Choose from our collection of hip-hop bracelets and place your order