35.5ct MOISSANITE Automatic Skeleton Watch Mens Real Iced Hip Hop Passes Tester


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Mens iced flooded out honeycomb set moissanite hip hop watch

Our flagship model with fully skeleton face...can see all inner working of watch!
Real mesmerizing and must be seen in real life to appreciate - you can see all the gears turning and can see all the mechanics of the timepiece! FULL AUTOMATIC
Fully iced with 35.5ct D color VVS real moissanite stones...large stones not small chips
Stones completely on every part of the watch. Bust down face, bezel, case, & band
Passes diamond tester! Moissanite looks just like natural diamonds and even expert jewelers will have a problem telling them apart
Looks like a $50,000 celebrity watch! 
Large 4mm (0.25ct) stones on bezel!
Comes with GRA certificate!
42mm - nice large size
316F Stainless steel - best quality
Designed in Italy with Japan Myota automatic movement
167 grams (cheap knockoffs weigh much less)
Sapphire front glass
Skeleton back
Fits as 8-8.5" (however you can remove links at any jeweler with a tool)
Ships fast
Let us know if any questions!