Solid 925 Sterling Silver Herringbone Chain Necklace 3-9mm 14"- 28" Diamond Cut

$31.95 - $220.95

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Handmade mens or ladies herringbone chains
Diamond cut so its very flat and shiny!
Very comfortable to wear
Available in 3mm to 9mm in 14-28"
Wear as a choker or a longer chain!!! Also nice stacked with other necklaces
SOLID 925 Sterling Silver
Stamped 925
Made In Italy
Never changes color! Why buy brass from others when you can get real solid silver with us!

Here are weight for 20" chains...if you weight is shorter or longer weight will vary 
3mm - 6 grams
3.5mm - 8.4 grams
6mm - 17 grams
9mm - 39 grams