Solid 925 Silver & 14k Gold Jesus Piece HIP HOP 0.1ct REAL Natural Diamond Iced

$105.95 - $221.95

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Gorgeous handmade Jesus pieces

Handmade in Italy!


Crown and eyes of jesus are natural diamonds

0.01ct each total of 10 stones for 0.1ct TW

NATURAL VS/G diamonds...not lab made or moissanite.


Not huge stones (look much bigger on small jesus than big one), but very icy and good quality!



SOLID 925 SILVER with 14k yellow gold plated Jesus...Great investment!
Color lasts many years as its bonded to solid silver

VERY DETAILED...looks just like a $1000 solid gold piece



Chain in photos is for illustration only


Small fits chains up to 3mm thick

Medium-Huge fits chains up to 7mm thick

Looks nice on a rope or a Miami Cuban Link


We also have the same piece with man made diamonds

Let us know if you have any questions!