Solid 14k White Gold Real Diamond Jesus Piece Pendant - Iced Hip Hop Necklace

$1,261.95 - $6,826.95

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Gorgeous Jesus pendants!


Solid 14k white gold with real diamonds 

VVS F Color lab created CVD diamond (1.35-5.43ct)

We have 3 sizes: small, medium & large...large one is over 60 grams!!!


Handmade in Italy



Small is 1" (1.5" w bale) weighs 9.5 grams (fits chains up to 5mm thick) 1.35 carat

Medium is 2" (2.5" w bale) & weighs 21.8 grams (fits chains up to 8mm thick) 4.89 carat

Large is 3" (3.25" w bale) & weighs 38.8 grams (fits chains up to 10mm thick) 5.43 carat



Pendant only

We sell chains separately!


Ships fast

Let us know if you have any questions