Solid 14k White Gold Men's Women's Real Rope Chain Necklace 1.5mm-4mm

$206.95 - $2,049.98

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Men's or women's 14k white gold rope chains

Solid 14k white gold
Stamped "14k"
High polished for a shiny look
Very nice shiny links
Diamond cut
We have 16-30"
Here are some sample weights for 24"...if your chain is longer or shorter weight will vary
1.5mm - 4.4g
2.5mm - 8.7g
4mm - 24.2g
These are solid chains not hollow! Many sellers selling these chains as hollow but they rip easy and tangle...these are SOLID chains...heavy! Very durable
Great for pendants or wear alone
Ships fast
Let us know if any questions