Real Solid Sterling 925 Silver Caravaca Cross Double Crucifix Mens LARGE 2.5"

$52.95 - $88.95

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 Solid 925 Silver Caravaca Cross

Double crucifix

SOLID 925 STERLING SILVER...Not plated or filled
WILL NEVER CHANGE COLOR OR YOUR MONEY BACK! Will never turn your neck green!

Much attention to finest detail...from the jesus to the angels it is a fine piece of jewelry!

Pendant weighs 12.5 grams
Measures 2.5x1.5" Nice Large Size

You can buy pendant only or with choice of a 3mm rope chain
Chain is made in Italy and is also solid 925 silver

If you choose to use your own chain please keep in mind the largest chain this piece will fit is a 3.5mm. It won't fit a HUGE chain and honestly it looks nicer with a small chain as all attention goes to the pendant!