Real Solid 925 Sterling Silver Franco Chain 2-5mm Box Necklace Men Ladies 18-30"

$34.95 - $301.95

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Sterling Silver Franco Chain


Solid 925 Sterling Silver...100% authentic
Genuine 925 silver...not plated or filled!

High polished for a shiny look

We have 18-30"
Great for pendants or wear alone.

Heavy! There are others that sell similar chains for cheaper but the chains are super light so they twist and rip easy!. Ours are solid!
Here are weights for the chain in 24" ...if your chain is longer or shorter weights will vary.

2mm - 10.92g
2.5mm - 16.8g
3mm - 28.3g
4mm - 41.5g
5mm - 71.5g

Whether you get the skinny 2mm for your favorite pendant or the 90 gram 5mm 30" you will love the chain!

Very nicely made
Handmade in ITALY