Real Miami Cuban Link Bracelet Iced MOISSANITE Out 14k Gold 925 Sterling Silver

$244.95 - $1,156.95

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Men's or Ladies Miami Cuban link bracelets made with MOISSANITE STONES


Comes with GRA certificate


Both pen & basic Xray tester

We offer free a chain take it to a jeweler or test with your diamond tester!!! Satisfaction guaranteed!


Solid 925 sterling silver finished in 14k yellow gold

Gold is vermeil so its bonded to silver underneath so even in shower or pool finish wont come off for many years!


6mm 9mm 12mm 15mm 18mm

Quality handmade piece! MADE IN ITALY!!! We have many competitors that sell bracelets from our and theirs and compare the quality!!!


Moissanite all micropaved and set by hand!!!

Without a microscope cant tell apart from natural diamonds

Super ICY you have to see to believe!!


Here is the weight in 8.5" (and carat moissanite)...7" weighs slightly less

6mm - 19.17 grams (3.19ct)

9mm - 41.9 grams (4.37ct)

12mm - 68.3 grams (9.00ct)

15mm - 94.6 grams (15.81ct)

18mm - 127.27 grams  (17.22ct)


We are a wholesale supplier thats only way we can get our prices so low!!!

Check with others and prices will be double what we charge!!!


SOLID 925 Sterling silver. GREAT INVESTMENT AS ITS LIKE HAVING MONEY ON YOUR HAND...Silver prices only going up

Not plated or filled...this is SOLID silver underneath...finished in yellow gold

Will never turn your hand green or tarnish


We also have same bracelet in plain silver without gold plating

We also have matching chains!!

We also sell same bracelet in man made stones - looks same but way cheaper


Ships fast

Let us know if you have any questions!