Real Miami Cuban Link Bracelet 925 Silver Baguette MOISSANITE Clasp Pass Tester

$85.95 - $511.95

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Gorgeous mens or ladies cuban link bracelets. 

Sleek box clasp.


Moissanite box clasp...VVS D Color moissanite stones that pass any diamond tester!!! Clasps are 0.5-1.5ct of moissanite stones!!! (5mm has 0.5ct...8mm is 1ct...12mm is 1.5ct)

GRA certified!!


Great for every day wear



100% sterling silver with rhodium finish!!! Will never turn your neck green or change color
Made in Italy
Stamped 925
Here are the weights for 8" bracelets (if you bracelet is shorter or longer weight will vary)
5mm - 17.1g
6mm - 19.5g
8mm - 30.1g
10.5mm - 55.3g
12mm - 78.5g

Lays Flat and doesn't twist
Very shiny and nicely made! 

This bracelet will last a lifetime...simply clean it every few months and it will look new again!
Also have matching chains

Ships fast
Let us know if you have any questions!