Real Dollar Cuban Link Chain Or Bracelet Solid 925 Sterling Silver ITALY 2.5-6mm

$26.95 - $248.95

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Gorgeous Dollar cuban link chains or bracelets

Made in Italy solid 925 sterling silver. 

Great for pendants or wear alone!

Very unique link...its made by hand like a cuban link but twisted 360 degrees after being twisted flat to give it a figure 8 shape (that looks like a $ sign)
Here are the weights for 24" chains (if you chain is shorter or longer weight will vary)
2.5mm- 11.95g
3.5mm- 21.8g
5mm- 45.1g
6mm- 55.1g

7-8.5" bracelets
18-30" chains

Lays Flat!
Very shiny and nicely made! 

Made in Italy
Stamped 925
100% silver so it will never turn your neck green or change color
This chain will last a lifetime...simply clean it every few months and it will look new again!

Ships fast
Let us know if you have any questions!