Real Clover Black Onyx 14-24" Necklace Or Bracelet 14k Gold Vermeil 925 Silver

$44.95 - $111.95

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Gorgeous clover chains or bracelets


Real black onyx semiprecious gemstone handcut into the motifs on the chain

Handmade in Italy
SOLID 925 Sterling Silver - 14k yellow gold vermeil

Gold is bonded to silver underneath so never fades or loses color


Available as 14-24" chains or bracelets: 6.5" w. 1" extension - (good for 5.5"-7" wrists) or 7.5" w. 1" extension - (good for 5.5"-7")


Bracelet weighs 5-6 grams and has 5 motifs

14" chain - 7.3 grams 7 motifs

18" chain - 11.2 grams 11 motifs

24" chain 13.4 grams 13 motifs


Very well build and durable chain! 

Looks amazing as a stack of 2-3 chains or bracelets

We also sell same design in mother of pearl, green malachite, or blue turquoise

Ships fast
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