REAL 3mm Blue Green MOISSANITE Tennis Chain Necklace - Pass Diamond Test 14-24"

$316.95 - $624.95

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Gorgeous men's or ladies tennis chains.


Real VVS D color excellent cut blue green moissanite stones

Hits on a diamond tester (shows "diamond" on basic tester and moissanite on more advanced testers)

Look just like real diamonds and cant tell the difference without a microscope!

Comes with GRA Certificate



16" is 12.8ct ...20" is 16ct...24" is 19.2ct



Sterling Silver Not plated so will never fade or tarnish...LIFETIME PIECE

Weighs 17-32 grams depending on length

Wear as a choker or a longer chain with a necklace

You can also stack them for stunning hip hop look!



Ships fast

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