Mens Allah Islam Pendant 1ct Man Made Diamond Solid Sterling Silver 925 Diamond

$43.95 - $101.95

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Gorgeous Allah pendant

Solid 925 sterling silver
Micropaved with 1ct micropave man made diamonds!! SUPER ICY!
Comes with a moon cut chain (also solid sterling silver)
Or buy just the pendant and buy a separate chain from us or use your own one! We also have cuban and rope chains!
This is the real stuff that doesn't change color or tarnish...this is solid silver not plated or filled!!!
Pendant weighs 8 grams!
Pendant and chain is 22-30 grams depending on length of chain
Pendant is medium sized and is roughly 1.5'' by 1.5''
Solid and has a very heavy feel to it
Let us know if you have any questions!