Loose Moissanite Real Gem Stone W. GRA Certificate 3-12mm 0.1-6ct VVS1 D Diamond

$11.95 - $100.95

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Loose moissanite stones
Best hearts & arrows cut

D Color
GRA Certified with girdle engraved with serial number of stone!

3mm - 0.1ct

3.5mm - 0.2ct

4mm - 0.3ct

4.5mm - 0.4ct

5mm - 0.5ct

5.5mm - 0.6ct

6mm - 0.8ct

6.5mm - 1ct

7mm - 1.2ct

7.5mm - 1.5ct

8mm - 2ct

9mm - 3ct

10mm - 4ct

11mm - 5ct

12mm - 6ct

This is for one stone. If you need wholesale qty please message us and on orders over 100 carats we can give you BEST pricing!
Great for jewelry makers or if you need to replace missing stone or make an engagement ring or earrings!
Be careful of international sellers and sellers with fake GRA certificates
Ships fast from USA
Let us know if have any questions