Loose Moissanite Real Gem 0.8mm-3mm ALL SIZES 1ct TW Parcel Melee Stone D VVS

$29.95 - $32.95

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Loose moissanite stones...each purchase is a parcel with 1ct TW (total weight) 

Best hearts & arrows cut


D Color
Excellent cut...same number of cuts as diamonds!!!
NOT ALL MOISSANITE STONES ARE SAME...Buy from China and you will get yellow stones with less cuts
GRA Certified parcels...we do not certify each stone as it will cost way too much money but we certify each parcel we receive!!!


Number of stones depends on size (Obviously the bigger the stone the less per carat you receive) YOU WILL RECEIVE 1CT TOTAL

1mm - 215 stones
1.1mm - 170 stones
1.2mm - 125 stones
1.3mm - 100 stones (0.01ct each stone)
1.4mm - 87 stones
1.5mm - 70 stones
1.6mm - 60 stones
1.7mm - 47 stones (roughly 0.02ct each stone)
1.8mm - 41 stones
1.9mm - 35 stones (roughly 0.03ct each stone)
2mm - 30 stones
2.1mm - 27 stones
2.2mm - 24 stones (roughly 0.04ct each stone)
2.3mm - 21 stones (roughly 0.05ct each stone)
2.4mm - 18 stones
2.5mm - 16 stones
2.6mm - 14 stones
2.7mm - 13 stones
2.8mm - 12 stones
2.9mm - 11 stones
3mm - 10 stones (0.1ct each stone)


If you need wholesale qty please message us and on orders over 100 carats we can give you BEST pricing!
Great for jewelry makers or if you need to replace missing stones on rings or pendants
Ships fast from USA
Let us know if have any questions