HUGE 3" 35.5ct MOISSANITE 925 Silver Sonic The Hedgehog Iced Pendant Necklace


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Gorgeous solid 925 silver MOISSANITE sonic the hedgehog pendant

HUGE piece 3" by 3" weighing 130 grams

Custom one of a kind piece designed exclusively by Harlembling


34.16 ct VVS D color moissanite stones...REAL moissanite not cz or man made diamonds

PASSES DIAMOND TESTER!!! ANY PEN OR LIGHT TRANSMISSION DIAMOND TESTER (Will show up as moissanite and not diamond on lab assays however)

Comes with GRA certificate


This is a BIG piece would look amazing on a thick Cuban chain 


Measures roughly 3" by 3" Fits most Chains up to 14mm thick

Nice solid feel!

Solid 925 sterling silver

Will never change color or go green!!


Great investment piece 

Moissanite looks just like natural diamonds and without microscope you can’t tell the difference 

Amazing detail and so shiny it will blind you! MUST SEE TO BELIEVE!


Chain in photos is NOT included

It is shown just to portray how item would look with are buying ONLY cross