HEAVY SOLID Real Solid 925 Sterling Silver Jesus Piece Pendant Necklace - 1-2.5"

$66.95 - $351.95

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Gorgeous Jesus pendants! Very detailed and HEAVY

Amazing high polished finish.

Handmade by veteran Italian jeweler (making each pendant by hand takes over 6 hours of labor) You will not find a similar Jesus piece for even 5x the price anywhere else!

Solid back...very heavy pendants


This is a lifetime piece


We have 3 sizes: small, medium & large

Solid 925 sterling silver...never turns green

Real silver...precious metal. Not plated or filled



Small is 1" (1.5" w bale) weighs 16 grams (fits chains up to 3mm thick) 

Medium is 1.5" (2.25" w bale) & weighs 47 grams (fits chains up to 5mm thick) 

Large is 2.5" (3" w bale) & weighs 109 grams (fits chains up to 10mm thick) 



100% 925 silver...not plated or filled...will NEVER TARNISH OR CHANGE COLOR


Pendant only

We sell chains separately!


Ships fast

Let us know if you have any questions