2mm MOISSANITE Tennis Necklace Passes Diamond Tester

$279.95 - $533.95

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Gorgeous men's or ladies micro moissanite tennis necklace


2mm micro tennis necklace...great for pendants or wear alone!

SOLID 925 Sterling Silver finished in rhodium 

Genuine D Color VVS excellent cut moissanite stones..SO ICY THEY WILL BLIND YOU!

Comes with GRA Certificate

Ranges from 4.6-9.2ct depending on length (18" is 5.85ct)

PASSES DIAMOND TESTER!!! ANY PEN OR LIGHT TRANSMISSION DIAMOND TESTER (Will show up as moissanite and not diamond on lab assays however)


Look just like real diamonds and cant tell the difference without a microscope!

Weighs 11-22 grams depending on length


14-28" in length so you can wear as a choker or a longer chain!


Why Choose Moissanite? 

Moissanite is a rare stone that is made up of silicon carbide. First discovered in 1893 and initially mistaken for diamonds, moissanite has since become a valued and highly sought-after alternative. In fact, moissanite is more brilliant than diamonds, making it capable of reflecting light far more beautifully. Thus, our moissanite diamond tennis chain possesses a better sparkle than diamonds.

There’s also another benefit to moissanite that diamonds can’t compete with, and that is the “fire” effect. Just as our moissanite chain reflects white light expertly, the same is true for colored light. And it’s the latter effect that is known as the fire effect.

Looks are one thing (and to many, the most important), but moissanite comes with other benefits, as well. Because there is silicon in moissanite, the stunning rare mineral combats dirt and grease far better than diamonds. And this plays a significant role in keeping your moissanite looking so brilliant.

What’s more, moissanite never loses its brilliance. This stone is incredibly strong and retains its hardness forever. As such, moissanite maintains its refractive properties to continue looking exceptional at all times.

If you’ve had other stones turn “foggy” on you, that’s something you will never have to worry about with moissanite. Just as it stays looking beautiful forever, so does its clarity and attractiveness.