14k HOLLOW Men's Women's Real Yellow Gold Rope Chain Necklace 1.5mm-4.5mm

$108.95 - $1,105.95

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Men's or women's 14k gold rope chains

Real 14k yellow gold - semi hollow so its lightweight and more affordable
Hollow doesnt mean its not real gold its just empty inside...however its still 100% 10k gold!
Stamped "14k"
High polished for a shiny look
Very nice shiny links
Diamond cut
We have 16-30"
Here are some sample weights for 24"...if your chain is longer or shorter weight will vary
1.5mm - 1.8g
2mm - 2.3g
2.5mm - 3.9g
3.2mm - 5.9g
4mm - 7.8g
4.5mm - 11.9g
Very durable
Handmade in Italy
Great for pendants or wear alone
1.5mm-3mm is great for ladies
2mm-4.5mm is great for men